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Quantity Item Price
1 Booth $950.00
Tables $10.00 each
Chairs $2.00 each
110v Outlet $50.00 each
220v Outlet $90.00 each

Booth rental includes booth space, kitchen work area, janitorial service, facade, and ethnic sign.

Booth Dimensions:
Serving area 12' x 8'
Preparation area 12' x 15'.

Please note that your booth will be provided with the chairs, tables, and electricity indicated on this form. Additions or changes will be charged or reimbursed at the festival. Price of tables and chairs not ordered prior to the week of Festival, will be $20 and $5 respectively. 110V and 220V outlets will be $60 and $100 respectively. Outlets are charged BY APPLIANCE.

Food Served

Food Name Food Description Estimated Price
to Festival Attendees

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Please Note: All our Sidewalk Cafes present a particular culture, and serve to inform about that culture’s cuisine. Restaurants may display one 8 1/2 x 11" sign with marketing/contact information for their business, but may not conduct additional sign advertising from their festival booth. All materials for handout must be approved in advance by the Festival office.

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